Discover Employee Uniforms Trends For This Year


Once again we have begun a new year and companies are deciding on whether or not they will continue using tried-and-true uniforms or how they might modernize those uniforms with current trends.

Companies will want to look at previous trends from years gone by as well as ideas that are permeating the new year. Each group will have to decide if they’re going to follow others or if they want to be the trendsetter.

Three Focal Points Of Employee Uniforms

1. Fabrics

The type of fabric that you choose for your uniforms will determine whether or not you are going for a traditional look or something more trendy. Any company that wants their uniforms to be conservative but still have a nice look might consider all natural materials such as cotton. Those who would like to be a bit more modern could consider using polyester blends or even Spandex.

Companies should understand that there isn’t a wrong answer, it’s more about choosing what look you’re trying to produce. Choosing the right type of fabric for the uniforms will be one of the leading things that determine how the uniforms will look and what kind of image they will give. The bank will want to consider uniforms that are much different than what a casino or a restaurant may be interested in.

2. Colors

Which colors are trending depend on the time of year and the different taste throughout the years? Even still, earth tones and solid colors tend to give a more traditional look. Bright colors and those that are mixed will provide a more youthful and modern appearance.

Some examples of how trending colors have changed over the years you only need to remember that in the early 1970s preferred colors, an avocado green was famous and yet now is considered a very unpopular color. When it comes to choosing the right color, you’ll need to find what type of image that you’re trying to produce and you want to look at what colors were popular in recent years and what colors are currently trending. It would be great to also take a look at some uniform rental catalogs from different companies to choose the best one for you.

3. Consistency

Some companies may have a reason to have one department that has a traditional look and another department or area of the business where the colors and the fabrics are more trendy and youthful-looking. Other companies will want to have a uniformed look throughout the organization.

Determining what type of consistency that you want and deciding on whether or not you want one look or more than one look that blend well, will be determined by what image you’re trying to portray. The most important thing is that you make a deliberate decision about it and don’t leave it to chance.

4. Presentation Matters

It is important to remember that image matters. Few things portray your image more than the uniforms that staff wear. For this reason, it is essential that you make an effort to decide on what picture you want to portray and choose your uniforms accordingly.

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